Sale Success

If you have been in your sales role for a number of years and you have the market cornered with a great product that no one can touch you know you have it good.

The prospects always want to talk, the clients always buy within two meetings, the bonuses are always flowing, and the stress is down except for you have far more business than can manage without having to do too much work from home.

Do not let complacency become your roommate!

There are at minimum 10 things you should be doing on a monthly basis to ensure roller coaster you are on keeps going up and never goes back down for an extended period of time. I will give you three for the sake of space and eye strain.

1. Never Ever Stop Networking.- While your market and opportunities today are in high abundance today that could change due to factors that are entirely out of your control. Networking creates a business buffer by exposing you to new people, new territories and experiences that you would have missed out on. The best part is that if you are doing great in sales you are able to network without the stress of needing to find a sale. Everyone you meet can become a long range prospect and not a short term target.

2. Increase Your Business Knowledge- Since business is so good take the time to increase your expertise in an area of your operation that is lagging. Attend a seminar or go to an industry focused conference that can add an additional line of business allowing you to get deeper into the wallet of your client. The value of the knowledge today may be minimal but as your business grows and factors change you may not have the time to dedicate to adding new knowledge points. Take advantage and do it now.

3. Volunteer Your Services- When you take the time to give of yourself you build relationships that long lasting and go beyond the day to day business activities you would normally engage. Whether it is mentoring to a new person in the same field as you or swinging a hammer at a constriction site the intrinsic value is still there. Studies have shown that people who volunteer are happier and healthier than those who do not volunteer. Finally, there are many instances where relationships formed through volunteer connections can also lead to business success.

So while things are going well and the time is available do some things that will pay long term dividends for you and your business.


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