Three Skills Needed For a Successful Real Estate Career

Three Skills Needed For a Successful Real Estate Career


The business of being a real estate agent is changing every day, but the qualities that you find in the top performing agents do not. The information may transition as technology rolls forward, but yet the fundamental skills are always the same. If you can grasp these, you’ll achieve success in any market.

Irrespective of how your market is performing, you’ll succeed in real estate if you can master these vital skills.

Skill 1: Meeting new people

The fact is that if you never meet someone new, you will never sell to someone new. Whether you meet them for the first time in person, online or over the phone does not matter. Get one-on-one with them in a discussion about their needs, and you’ve at any rate begun down the road to success.

Skill 2: Making personal connections

You don’t need to be the best at everything to succeed in real estate. You simply must be skillful and likeable. People buy from individuals they like. Develop the capacity to connect with your customers and make them trust you, and 90 percent of your selling is done. Need a snappy approach to induce trust? Tell the customer something that it’s not to your greatest advantage to let them know. Demonstrate to them that honesty is more important than anything to you.

Now this does not mean you have to tell them that you got sued last week – that makes people nervous. But it might mean to mention that the house in a different neighborhood have the same amount of space and are less expensive. They know that you will get paid more if you sell them a more expensive home.

Skill3: Taking Care of Details

You have to handle business like business. This means having a system to ensure that the deadlines are met, appraisals are ordered, home inspection comments come on time, appointments are not forgotten, and problems get solved.

It is best to also have methods to ensure that your clients—and, if you’re truly smart, the other side’s clients—have taken care of details that they need to attend to. Safeguard every deal and work it until it closes.

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