Team Sales Training

Do you need an easy, fast, comprehensive & effective online training tool that can:

  • improve sales performances
  • strengthen their relationships with current high profile clients and prospects
  • close the deal faster

The Sales Rhino’s Team Sales Training provides both virtual and live experiential training
workshops. We have the ability to customize our training to encompass your needs as well
as offer 1 – 2 day sales training workshops for your entire sales team or group.

Our Team Sales Training packages are ideal for small or large groups who want flexible
training options whether online or live.


Enterprise Sales Training

Your Team Members have access to:

  • B.A.N.K. Fundamentals™ VT (10 courses
  • B.A.N.K.™ Sales Tips At-A-Glance
  • B.A.N.K. Speed Coding™ VT (11 courses)
  • B.A.N.K. Speed Coding™ Interactive Gaming
  • B.A.N.K. Pro™ Audio Downloads (7 hours)
  • B.A.N.K. Pro Power Calls™ – Live (weekly)
  • Unstoppable Selling System (12 courses)
  • B.A.N.K. Power Scripting™ VT (10 courses)
  • B.A.N.K. Power Scripting Formulas
  • 24 Client B.A.N.K. Code™ Reports (PDF Per Code)
  • 24 B.A.N.K. Code™ Sales Reports (Sales Strategy PDF Per Code)
  • C.O.I.N.™ Networking Mastery VT (8 courses)
  • Sales Velocity VT (6 courses)

You will have:

  • Enterprise Tracking And Team Progress Analysis
  • Multi-tiered Administrative Access On All VT Users
  • Enterprise B.A.N.K. PASS Subscriptions With Multi-user Accounts
  • B.A.N.K. PASS API Integration With Existing CRM System Consultation
  • Custom On-site Training Facilitated By A Certified And Licensed B.A.N.K. Trainer (Discounted)
  • Custom Sales Scripting Using The Power Of The B.A.N.K. Personality Science And Sales Formulas Consultation
*(plus plus a per month fee dependent on number of users)


B.A.N.K. Workshops

Our premier training, B.A.N.K.™ is also available within classroom workshops. B.A.N.K.™ is a reverse-engineered personality profiling system designed to dramatically improve your communication, accelerate your negotiations, and close more sales.

We can customize training based on:

  • course
  • number of team members
  • training time

We offer the following B.A.N.K.™ workshops:

B.A.N.K. Fundamentals

Let’s talk and see if the B.A.N.K. Fundamentals Workshop matches your need.

This workshop is the foundation that sets the stage for gaining knowledge and comprehension of the Sales Velocity Equation™ and the BANK Methodology Personality Profiling System™. Using B.A.N.K.™, your team will learn how to improve your expertise and competence in increasing your sales velocity.

This course teaches your whole team a systematic approach by combining the two strategies. The results create a bigger impact on your bottom line by providing more value to your clients and stakeholders.

B.A.N.K. Speed Coding

Let’s talk and see if the B.A.N.K. Speed Coding Workshop matches your need.

This course takes your team’s B.A.N.K.™ coding skills to the next level. Your whole team will learn how to speed code your prospects, friends, and family just by observing their appearance and behaviors. Your team will become a pro at asking leading questions that will give you all the clues you need to break anyone’s B.A.N.K. Code!

Prerequisite: B.A.N.K. Fundamentals

B.A.N.K. Power Scripting

Let’s talk and see if the B.A.N.K Power Scripting Workshop matches your need.

This course takes your team beyond core values to define the likes, dislikes, strengths, challenges, and general behaviors of the four B.A.N.K.™ Personality Types. Your team will apply our B.A.N.K. Power Scripting Formula—step-by-step—to write custom sales scripts for your own products and services. Your group will build rapport as you whole team writes, presents, and exchanges feedback in preparation for delivery. In this course, there are opportunities to deliver your teams partial and final scripts to the full room and get expert feedback on your content and delivery!

Prerequisite: B.A.N.K. Speed Coding

Sales Training Team Group Box Cover.

Starting at $4500 

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