Sales Coaching

Edward Tillman, The Sales Rhino is speaking as the Sales Coach.

Edward Tillman, The Sales Rhino.

Sales Coaching with the Sales Rhino

When you work with The Sales Rhino, our coaching program will focus on helping you develop a more defined and successful sales process, understand with complete clarity who your target market is, how to best reach them and most importantly craft a closing strategy that will win far more sales than you lose. Sample learnings within The Sales Rhino Coaching System include:

  • Developing a Sales Organization in a Customer Service World
  • Creating a Sales Process for the Unfocused
  • 21st Century Prospecting
  • Breaking Through to Millennial Clients
  • Developing Hall of Fame Closing Skills
The Sales Rhino is more than just a talking head spewing rapid fire nuggets of information hoping something sticks. You have a partner focused on your success and assisting you in:

  • Crafting thoughtful questions
  • Pushing you beyond your limits for sales activity
  • Holding you (or your staff) accountable for the promises made
We can customize your sales coaching based on your business needs whether it is long, intermediate, or short term goals.

Sales Rhino Coaching Levels

Work through the levels to increase your productivity and sales by learning the Sales Rhino System.

Level 1 Coaching

Level One is for you or your staff with two years or less of sales experience. Level One provides the basic foundation of sales acumen to ensure long-term success.  Areas of focus within this level include prospecting beyond friends and family, time management, and closing the deal.

Level 2 Coaching

Level Two is for sales people with 3-6 years of sales experience. You’ll focus on refining your business processes to ensure consistent sales success. We will address the following: investing deeper within your business, increasing referral sources, and determining which poorly performing revenue streams to divest.

Level 3 Coaching

Level Three Coaching is for businesses and sales professionals with 6 or more years of sales experience Level Three will provide a deep dive into ensuring long-range plan sustainability. We will review internal and external factors for success and position you for exponential growth and process automation.

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