My Defining Moment

My Defining Moment


31There is a moment in every entrepreneurs life that is THE defining moment, THE time when they stop questioning themselves about whether they should step out on the ledge and jump and just do it.

My moment of definition, the exact moment when I said it was time to get moving onto something else was when my wife of 7 months told me she was pregnant.

I had a decent job. I made a low six figure income, I had benefits, I had vacations, I had a growing 401k, but I had a job, and that is all it was ever going to be, and I was going to be beholden to those who owned the large corporation.

My wife and I had deep conversations about the type of parents we were going to be. Our plan for parenting included being home with our daughter and spending a significant amount of time working on her and not working on computer while she played around us.

We were determined to provide her all the opportunities she deserved, but to be present in those moments, and not have a nanny or some other relative tell us about her growing up while we were trying to take over the world in business.

Once I saw our future in my wife’s growing belly I decided it was time to jump, and I leaped into the world of commission only sales. I was able to determine my value through my successes and failures, and not have it pre determined by a manager who did not intimately know me or my abilities.

The moment my daughter was born I took 45 days off to be home with her and support my wife. Yes I lost money from sales I was not making, but I gained a level of connection with my family that I could never recreate in any other setting.

I have moved on from being a salesperson to owning a business and having salespersons and I owe much if not all of my success to my wife and my daughter helping me understand the immense value of family over finance.

I have my family, which now also includes a wonderful little boy and I have a bank full of love as well.


  1. Ben Hamrick

    Following many years of doing well and having plenty of free time I saw my presence in a company I helped build and make it’s owner quite well off diminishing. I knew something had to change. In a confidential conversation a friend who did similar work told me that if the only thing that was stopping me from doing my own thing was fear then step out and do it. The fear would help me. So I did it.

    Now a few years later I have found making that decision to have been a very good one. I am in a much better position to support my child, help my parents, help those around me grow and get further ahead, and I can now advise others on various aspects of business.

    Yet I still don’t know what I am doing. I know that I have a lot to learn. I look at folks like James Tillman and know I’ve got so much ground to cover. I feel very fortunate to be able to learn from others and take the time to grow each day. I enjoy the journey and look forward to each challenge. I am grateful for the patience of others…


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