How I Rose Out of the Fire

How I Rose Out of the Fire

For a number of people the hum of fluorescent lights, 4 foot cubicle walls and the tethers of a poorly made telephone headset are pieces of a bad dream or memories that they hope to never relive. For me it is just one of the motivating aspects that pushes me to do more and try harder every time I feel like quitting.

Those who know me well know if you get me in a quiet melancholy moment I will tell a few stories about hard times while in the United States Marine Corps, and how those hard times push me when I feel a bit weak. But is really the fear and loathing of going back to being on the phone 8-10 hours day confined to a horrible schedule and having no realistic opportunity for advancement.

Every time I consider where I could be I take a moment, take a deeper breathe and trudge forward toward success. On the path after leaving the bank I found myself at a financial services firm during the worst economic downturn my generation had ever seen. The numbers of new agents that came and left the agency during that time was astounding, I can count only three that are still in practice, including myself.

It doesn’t take a great client portfolio to survive a devastating financial crisis. It takes a will to not quit. That was taught to me by my deceased father and grandfather.

I can look at my wife and kids and know they will love me unconditionally, mostly. I know if I came home and said I am tired and I want to do something else they will support me. That was family does.

I can’t look at myself not in a mirror, not in a windowed reflection and accept quitting, no matter the circumstance. There is absolutely room to make adjustments, to change course, but there is no room to quit, to throw in the towel to say “No Mas”

So I rose from the fire of mediocrity with a deep set, and burning desire never to go back, and to keep pushing forward to be a better salesman, a better coach, a better business man, just to be better.

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