Why I Do What I Do

I’m Edward Tillman, Founder and CEO of The Sales Rhino, a Sales Coaching/Consulting/Training business.

I developed this company out of a desire to not have any other sales persons go through the pains and frustrations I went through. When I started as a salesperson many years ago there was only enough training to make sure that if I went out on a sales call I would be able to put three sentences together to make a paragraph and not much more.

Sales training designed and delivered by companies primarily focuses on the product that is to be sold and less on the day to day needs of the sales person that is attempting to make car payments, mortgage payments and pay credit cards with the commissions they hope to earn.


There is so much more to sales, and I have seen so many potentially great sales persons leave positions they should have been able to incredible things within only because they did not receive the correct training from the beginning.

At The Sales Rhino we are committed to properly training as many people within the business of sales as are willing to listen and incorporate our teachings within their business.

If your business is working for a company that pays you a salary + commission, or if you are a 1099 contract employee, or if you own your own company and are seeing revenues slip or feel that dollars are being left on the table we can provide assistance. We want to help you and we will help you.

Edward Tillman is a speaker, author and coach. To see more of what The Sales Rhino is all about visit www.thesalesrhino.net

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